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“Olifantenpaadjes” or how to change habits

One of the most difficult things in change management is change people’s habits. Habits are like reflexes: act without thinking why and how to do it. Habits save a lot of time and energy. How difficult would walking or driving … Continue reading

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Een acuut hartinfarct – hoe is dat?

Op 28 september 2015 om kwart voor twaalf ‘s nachts kreeg ik plotseling pijn. We waren net naar bed gegaan en ik wilde net gaan slapen. Terwijl ik op mijn zij was gaan liggen om lekker te gaan slapen kwam … Continue reading

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Nieuwe vleugel bij het CKE – Fazioli

Gisteren moest ik op de muziekschool zijn om een vioolleerling te begeleiden op piano. Het was de laatste repetitie voor het examen volgende week. Terwijl we wat stonden te kletsen kwam haar vioollerares naar me toe. Ze had de sleutel … Continue reading

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How to double your money?

In this article I am not talking about doubling your revenue or profits, I am going to focussing on doubling your costs. Why? Because nothing is for free: if you want to earn more, you need to pay more. And … Continue reading

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Flipboard magazines

If you are interested in what I find interesting internet reads, have a look at my Flipboard magazines.

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Second Life, a hype

I am reading a lot about Second Life lately. Various companies are looking into it as a way to promote their and show their new products, even to have them tried out, yet withou really understanding or even visioning the … Continue reading

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Excellent or famous?

For a long time I though that being present on discussion forums and weblogs, being able to be a though leader on a particular subject, being able to write great articles, give excellent presentations, being involved in everything that is … Continue reading

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