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Second Life, a hype

I am reading a lot about Second Life lately. Various companies are looking into it as a way to promote their and show their new products, even to have them tried out, yet withou really understanding or even visioning the … Continue reading

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Excellent or famous?

For a long time I though that being present on discussion forums and weblogs, being able to be a though leader on a particular subject, being able to write great articles, give excellent presentations, being involved in everything that is … Continue reading

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Succeed by giving up

Everybody knows a project running a death march. The deadline is nearing quickly but the product is not ready by far. New problems pop-up every day, every change seems to make things worse, developers are doing overtime against their will, … Continue reading

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37 Days

After reading the Why 37 days blog, which I found through Bloggers and Writing skills which brought me to The Happiness Project – long live the RSS feed reader Bloglines – I wondered what I would do if I knew … Continue reading

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Need a memory extension

Don’t you have that all the time? Laying in bed, half awake, half asleep, thinking about the things that keep you busy during the day. All of a sudden, you have a smart idea, an idea you did not think … Continue reading

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