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Amazing photos

For some time now, I have been watching the amazing photos from nature by Remo Savisaar on his blog. This guy must be wondering around in nature with his camera every day. How can he capture the moments with his … Continue reading

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Succeed by giving up

Everybody knows a project running a death march. The deadline is nearing quickly but the product is not ready by far. New problems pop-up every day, every change seems to make things worse, developers are doing overtime against their will, … Continue reading

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37 Days

After reading the Why 37 days blog, which I found through Bloggers and Writing skills which brought me to The Happiness Project – long live the RSS feed reader Bloglines – I wondered what I would do if I knew … Continue reading

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Strong opinions, held weakly

In his weblog article Strong Opinions, Weakly Held, Bob Sutton writes about a psychological paradox that to move forward in knowledge and wisdom, we need A strong opinion to assure that we are inspired to find the best arguments to … Continue reading

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Bob Sutton’s rule of not being an asshole

Today I came across a little video about Don’t be an asshole by Bob Sutton explaining the importance of people learning to be indifferent at times to things that cannot be changed, and ignore those things. It struck me because … Continue reading

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Waterfall conference 2006

There is a new talk of the town, the Waterfall Conference 2006. Technorati tags: Waterfall, Software

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It’s all a game

In a blog, I read how IBM enters the gaming world and this brought me the idea that there may be more commonality between software development and online gaming then we might expect, such as Team game Strategic approach Online … Continue reading

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