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“Olifantenpaadjes” or how to change habits

One of the most difficult things in change management is change people’s habits. Habits are like reflexes: act without thinking why and how to do it. Habits save a lot of time and energy. How difficult would walking or driving … Continue reading

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How to double your money?

In this article I am not talking about doubling your revenue or profits, I am going to focussing on doubling your costs. Why? Because nothing is for free: if you want to earn more, you need to pay more. And … Continue reading

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Second Life, a hype

I am reading a lot about Second Life lately. Various companies are looking into it as a way to promote their and show their new products, even to have them tried out, yet withou really understanding or even visioning the … Continue reading

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Strong opinions, held weakly

In his weblog article Strong Opinions, Weakly Held, Bob Sutton writes about a psychological paradox that to move forward in knowledge and wisdom, we need A strong opinion to assure that we are inspired to find the best arguments to … Continue reading

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Bob Sutton’s rule of not being an asshole

Today I came across a little video about Don’t be an asshole by Bob Sutton explaining the importance of people learning to be indifferent at times to things that cannot be changed, and ignore those things. It struck me because … Continue reading

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If it’s possible, it’s allowed

Last week I had a meeting with a customer that is in the process of implementing a new configuration management system. We had a tough discussion about building in security measure to protect the system from malpractice of software developers. … Continue reading

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The Art of Software Creation

To me it is highly arguable whether software creation is an art. In the early days, the challenge of software was to find the most efficient or the most effective algorithms to crack a mathematical problem. Nowadays, most of the … Continue reading

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