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RTC2GIT – Rational Team Concert to GIT migration (part 2)

RTC export ( As I explained in the previous article (part 1), I use the RTC REST API instead of the RTC CLI to export the history from RTC because the RTC CLI is not reliable. However, the official (documented) … Continue reading

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RTC2GIT – Rational Team Concert to GIT migration (part 1)

Introduction Rational Team Concert (RTC) is a great, extensive and rather complicated configuration management (CM) system. Now after several years, it is time for us to move on to GIT. Git is simpler to use, more straight forward in its … Continue reading

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Configuration Management with SAFe

Introduction Configuration Management is crucial for the success of an enterprise, whether it applies an agile, lean or a more traditional approach. Although CM is crucial, it has been given little attention in SAFe and other agile methodologies. In this … Continue reading

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How to double your money?

In this article I am not talking about doubling your revenue or profits, I am going to focussing on doubling your costs. Why? Because nothing is for free: if you want to earn more, you need to pay more. And … Continue reading

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Would you spend 1 FTE more to save 2 FTE?

Suppose you have a software or system development organization of 400 people, working in 4 development programs with each 5 projects and 20 people per project, on average. You are using a heterogeneous tooling landscape of different tools from different … Continue reading

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Flipboard magazines

If you are interested in what I find interesting internet reads, have a look at my Flipboard magazines.

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Is the configuration manager going to disappear?

The simple answer is: Yes, configuration managers are going to disappear! The more comprehensive answer to this question is that configuration management is not going to disappear, but the configuration manager will be. We can compare it to the change … Continue reading

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Software development in industry is lagging behind

I was watching a tv program on the distinction between fake and real. They covered the use of digital technologies to replicate art, or even create 3d animations about news or other realities. It made me think about system and … Continue reading

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How to plan software as a configuration item

Yesterday I got a question from a colleague about configuration items. In our projects we use a deliverable list to identify which items are being delivered by the project and which are being received from outside the project. To help … Continue reading

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SCM tools are not configuration management tools

The main reason why most so-called SCM tools are not really SCM tools is because they don’t support managing software configurations. Making software is more than writing source code and converting them into executable code and data models for databases. … Continue reading

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