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Implementing SAFe with Jira (part 1)

In this article I am not going to explain what the Scale Agile Framework (SAFe) is and what Jira is. I assume you know, and if you need more information go to and But before we start, there … Continue reading

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Is the configuration manager going to disappear?

The simple answer is: Yes, configuration managers are going to disappear! The more comprehensive answer to this question is that configuration management is not going to disappear, but the configuration manager will be. We can compare it to the change … Continue reading

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Rational Team Concert and the future of ClearCase/UCM

Now IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC) supports Software Configuration Management (SCM) and build management, I am wondering how this would affect the future of ClearCase and UCM. Will it replace ClearCase? Will it complement ClearCase? Will RTC only be for … Continue reading

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Lean configuration management

Jens Norin has written een article about Lean configuration management. There is a lot that I disagree with, but it also gives a lot of things to think about.

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Collaboration technology is coming

Recently, I attended the IBM Rational Software Development Conference (RSDC2007) in Orlando, Florida. Apart from the typical presentations about the products, there was a lot of attention for Organizationally Distributed Development, or Globally Distributed Development (GDD). ODD/GDD is about crossing … Continue reading

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Excellent or famous?

For a long time I though that being present on discussion forums and weblogs, being able to be a though leader on a particular subject, being able to write great articles, give excellent presentations, being involved in everything that is … Continue reading

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It ain’t as simple as it seems

What is perfection? Perfection is when it seems simple but it is complicated. At least, that’s what I consider perfection when I play the piano. Famous pianists and other musical artists get a lot of compliments when they near perfection, … Continue reading

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