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Software development in industry is lagging behind

I was watching a tv program on the distinction between fake and real. They covered the use of digital technologies to replicate art, or even create 3d animations about news or other realities. It made me think about system and … Continue reading

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SCM tools are not configuration management tools

The main reason why most so-called SCM tools are not really SCM tools is because they don’t support managing software configurations. Making software is more than writing source code and converting them into executable code and data models for databases. … Continue reading

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Writing a book like developing software

In the article Writing a book is like developing software, Roy Osherove compares writing a book with writing software. Now let’s assume that we would write books like we develop software. Most books are written by a single author. Take … Continue reading

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Continuous integration kills large projects

Continuous Integration is an widely accepted approach in software development. Martin Fowler describes has written een great article about it. However, for a large project it does not work. I will explain why not. Suppose that we have a big … Continue reading

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Are modeling languages useful for complex systems?

In the August edition of the Rational Edge, Laurance Balmelli gives an introduction to the basic purpose and value of Systems Modeling Language (SysML), a proposed extention to the Unified Model Language (UML). An interesting article where he uses a … Continue reading

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Managing complex projects

Next Thursday, November 18th, there will be an event organised by Bits&Chips about managing complex projects. Sure, it will be mostly in Dutch but it will be interesting anyway. The challenge for software projects is to increase the productivity significantly; … Continue reading

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