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Jazz platform magazine

To collect articles on the IBM Rational Jazz platfrom, I am usingĀ  a Flipboard managzine. See http://flip.it/qwdPG

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SCM tools are not configuration management tools

The main reason why most so-called SCM tools are not really SCM tools is because they don’t support managing software configurations. Making software is more than writing source code and converting them into executable code and data models for databases. … Continue reading

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Rational Team Concert and the future of ClearCase/UCM

Now IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC) supports Software Configuration Management (SCM) and build management, I am wondering how this would affect the future of ClearCase and UCM. Will it replace ClearCase? Will it complement ClearCase? Will RTC only be for … Continue reading

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Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for CM systems

In a podcast on IBM developerWorks, Dave Michell explains about Software as a Service (Saas): the customer does not take ownership of the software, but they’re going to rent this solution in a subscription model, and it’s delivered remotely. And … Continue reading

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IBM developerWorks CM space and wiki

Recently, I have created a Configuration Management space with an underlying Configuration Management wiki on IBM developerWorks. Initial focus will be on IBM products (ClearCase, ClearQuest and UCM) and on CM concepts and practices. Later, it is my intention to … Continue reading

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Second Life, a hype

I am reading a lot about Second Life lately. Various companies are looking into it as a way to promote their and show their new products, even to have them tried out, yet withou really understanding or even visioning the … Continue reading

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It’s all a game

In a blog, I read how IBM enters the gaming world and this brought me the idea that there may be more commonality between software development and online gaming then we might expect, such as Team game Strategic approach Online … Continue reading

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IBM Rational Discussion Facilitators

Marc Siegel, IBM Rational’s community manager, has introduced the IBM Rational Discussion Facilitators in an article on IBM DeveloperWorks. Many customers may have noticed that since Rational has been taken over by IBM some years ago, the communication between the … Continue reading

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