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Is the configuration manager going to disappear?

The simple answer is: Yes, configuration managers are going to disappear! The more comprehensive answer to this question is that configuration management is not going to disappear, but the configuration manager will be. We can compare it to the change … Continue reading

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Excellent or famous?

For a long time I though that being present on discussion forums and weblogs, being able to be a though leader on a particular subject, being able to write great articles, give excellent presentations, being involved in everything that is … Continue reading

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It ain’t as simple as it seems

What is perfection? Perfection is when it seems simple but it is complicated. At least, that’s what I consider perfection when I play the piano. Famous pianists and other musical artists get a lot of compliments when they near perfection, … Continue reading

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Succeed by giving up

Everybody knows a project running a death march. The deadline is nearing quickly but the product is not ready by far. New problems pop-up every day, every change seems to make things worse, developers are doing overtime against their will, … Continue reading

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Unconcious thinking

Have you ever tried to look at a very faint light, a star or so? And did discover that you can see it better by looking next to it? In a science edition of the NRC (Dutch newspaper) I read … Continue reading

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The best solution is not always the best solution

It has been a hard week last week. Being involved in a large process change process for a software organization, I have been foreseeing a great deal of problems that are now materializing in reality. We are on the go … Continue reading

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